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                                          Russell's Plant Based (Vegan) Dinner
Unfortunately, many people during this lock-down are eating poor quality take-a-way meals and I have been asked by some of my listeners to give one of my easy to prepare recipes.

So here goes. This is one of my nutritious meals that anyone can put together at home.

Mix a hand full of Baby spinach shredded carrot, red and green coral, butter lettuce and Kale and add a little 1000 island dressing and mashed avocado and place on half the dinner plate.
Take 8 frozen vegan chicken (no meat) nuggets heat in hot pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and a dash of teriyaki sauce.
Cook until light brown and before cooked add half a sliced banana and three cut in half Cherry tomatoes.
Only lightly cook these and turn in pan.

Now add the nuggets and pour little light teriyaki sauce over the nuggets and garnish with number of fresh blueberries, hot banana pieces and two teaspoons of avocado on the side.
This is a nutritious and very quickly made meal
Please excuse the amateur photo I took it was a quick pic on my phone before eating

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