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Natural Medicine and Your health; Seminar in the Dubbo Wellington Orange area.

I would like to thank all my listeners on 2DU and 2GB + other country radio stations for coming along to the information seminar and demonstration on Australian snakes and treatment of snake bites with myself Lorraine and the medics from EMA at the Soldiers Club Wellington.

Even with very heavy rain all day the 100 plus people who came said they found it very helpful and were surprised to find there were more than 3,000 snake bites per year in Australia.

In response to many requests I had on the day, I am looking at holding a seminar covering complementary medicines roll in the incidence and management of many adverse health conditions including heart attack and skin cancer and vitamins, prostate problems, Arthritis, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease, asthma prevalence and nutrition.

Also, what to do in an emergency (pre-hospital care) for some conditions (asthma, heart attack, stroke and allergies)

If you are interested send me an email to and I will contact you with more information.

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