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 Pelargonium sidoides and Viral respiratory infections

For centuries, the herb Pelargonium sidoides has been traditionally used in South Africa for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The common name for this herb is umckaloabo which is derived from the Zulu language and means “heavy cough”. Today specialised farms using ecological cultivation methods produce Pelargonium sidoides.

Evidence suggests that Pelargonium sidoides may assist in acute bronchitis and acute sinusitis by preventing the reproduction of various respiratory viruses and inhibiting the adhesion of certain bacteria to respiratory cells. Pelargonium sidoides also helps to clear excess mucus from the respiratory system during acute sinusitis or acute bronchitis. (11)(12)

Bronchial epithelial cells are the first target cell for rhinovirus infection. The course of viral infections in patients with acute bronchitis, asthma and COPD can be improved by oral application of Pelargonium sidoides extract (17)

In numerous randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and systematic reviews such as those published by the Cochrane Collaboration, Pelargonium sidoides extract  was shown to be effective in acute respiratory tract infections (ARTI) in all investigated age-groups.

Activate the Immune response.

Activate the Immune response.

Pelargonium sidoides improves immune response by activating human monocytes that drives the Innate Immune defence cells Th17 and Th22. These cells are key mediators linking adaptive and innate immune responses. (18)

Pelargonium sidoides In Children

Eight RCTs investigating the application of Pelargonium sidoides in acute bronchitis, acute tonsillopharyngitis, and ARTI in the context of chronic preconditions were identified. Results showed a statistically significant improvement of ARTI symptom severity for Pelargonium sidoides as compared to controls. The investigation of EPs 7630 in asthmatic children and adolescents with ARTI demonstrated a significant symptom-alleviating effect and a possibly associated reduction of asthma attacks. In immunocompromised children with acute upper RTI, an alleviating effect of EPs 7630 was shown. All RCTs reviewed reported good safety and tolerability of Pelargonium sidoides (15)

Pelargonium sidoides- In Adults

Treatment of acute bronchitis in adults. For each of the five individual symptoms, rates of complete recovery were considerably higher in the Pelargonium sidoides group. Within the first four days, onset of treatment effect was recognized in 68.8% of patients in the EPs 7630 group compared with 33.3% of patients in the placebo group. Health-related quality of life improved more in patients treated with Pelargonium sidoides compared with placebo-treated patients.

Kaloba® been clinically proven to help provide relief of acute bronchitis symptoms after 7 days (45% of the patients taking Kaloba® experienced recovery after 7 days compared to 6.4% taking a placebo), it can help speed up recovery too (43) (44)


An important note

No supplement, diet, or lifestyle modification — aside from social distancing and practicing proper hygiene ⁠— can protect you from developing COVID-19.


The strategies outlined below may boost your immune health, but they don’t protect specifically against COVID-19.

The information in this article is for information purposes only always see your healthcare practitioner for advice and treatment for accident and illness and discuss any information in this article with them.

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