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DON'T DO IT Parents warned to NEVER give your baby water as it can be fatal – as heatwave grips UK

The smallest amount of water can affect the balance of water in their tiny bodies and specialists say this could prove fatal.
Giving a baby under six months old just a sip of water could overload the kidneys, leading to a dangerous condition called hyponatremia.
Pharmacist Abbas Kanani told Yahoo UK: “Kidneys are also too immature in infants under six months and water can cause intoxication as a result of an imbalance in electrolytes such as sodium.
“This can cause hyponatraemia, which is where too much water has diluted the sodium levels of the body.
“This can cause complications such as swelling of the brain, seizures and, in extreme cases, death.” published in The Sun UK 24 Jun 2020
I have published information about hyponatraemia dangers in sport in JAMA Vol 21. number 3 Spring 2015 and other papers related to hyponatraemia and MDMA and dance events. Water is great and most of us don't drink enough. However, electrolyte balance is vital particularly in babies and in sport.

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