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A holistic way to improving your health.

Let Russell show you how Complementary medicine can help you:

Russell Setright is an accredited Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Sports remedial therapist, Nutritionist and an educator in Advanced Life Support, First Aid, Emergency Care and Rescue.



Russell is member of ACRRM, ATMS and fellow ANTA and is CEO of Emergency Medics Australia Pty Ltd and Director of Training for Life Survival Training. 

He was registered in the Northern Territory under the Health Practitioners and Allied Professionals Registration Act in 1986 and was the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Health Sciences. Russell is also the past Dean of Naturopathic Medicine and Fellow at the Academy of Natural Therapies. He Chaired the Symposium at the International Conference On The Use of Traditional Medicine and Other Natural Product In Health Care at The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Science Malaysia where he also presented his paper and was appointed to the Panel of Consultants at The Nury Institute of Family & Child Development, Malaysia. 

Over the years, Russell has presented papers and GP update seminars at the University of NSW, Royal Women’s Hospital, Natural Therapies Unit NSW and was also the Naturopathic Director Blackmores Ltd. and is now Naturopathic Consultant to Blackmores. Russell has been on a number of Government assessment panels for degree programs in Australia and New Zealand and is currently a member of the advisory committee NSW Oncology Group, Cancer Institute, NSW Health. Russell was also Flag Officer Medics with the RVCP and started the first Water Ambulance in Sydney. (Blackmores Rescue)

Russell is the author of seven books on complementary medicine with one published in the Chinese and Malay languages and he currently has a Health Talk Back Radio Show on Sydney’s Radio 2GB, Radio 4BC QLD, and Richard Perno on 2DU and other Country NSW. DI Open Water Diver. Medic Diver, Registered EMT-Medic (AREMT) Lifeguard ex-military.Member Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Available Treatments
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